“Your compassion for all life and love for Spirit is absolutely inspiring.”
Seattle, WA

“I would have never had the guts or the confidence to start  ….  if it were not for you.”
Seattle, WA

“You’ve got such good energy and a down to earth vibe …”
Seattle, WA

“Kreed Revere provides just what her name suggests – credibility, authority, confidence and acceptance and she is all about respect, honor and holding space for others in the highest regard. Kreed provides a safe, sacred, non-judgmental space for all things/people to come to fruition in their own time and way.  This is the place, time and person where you will find the freedom , and the permission, to explore the darkness – and the light.  Whatever “it” is, you will be allowed to look at it, sit with it, challenge it and/or embrace it if you choose and come out on the other side in one piece because you will have been held physically, emotionally, and spiritually through the process by she who supports, encourages and nurtures.”
Seattle, WA

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