I had such a wonderful time sharing more about my work on the Exploring the Mystical Side of Life podcast. Thank you, Linda!

Why is important to develop a strong soul connection with new babies coming to the earth plane; learning to communicate prior to birth and create a strong energetic and spiritual connection. Why is it important to set aside time to communicate with baby pre-birth?

Our guest is Kreed Revere, spiritual coach for mothers-to-be and new parents and baby soul intuitive at

In this episode: You choose your parents; Soul contracts between people; The evolution of the soul through their life plan; The transition and connection babies have to the spirit world; The parents’ role of supporting the baby’s mission in this life; When does the baby’s spirit enter the body? How does birth compare to the death experience? How parents can clear their issues and generational patterns to blossom the new relationship and how doing this work can transform karma. the Ancient Wisdom teaching of the Cycles and Rhythms of life. What does the new spirit want to communicate to you? What does it need you to understand?