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What is pregnancy & birth coaching?

Preparing for life experiences often includes coaching of some sort: interviews from preschool to sports, college entrance and career positions. In some cultures, engaged couples must participate in premarital counseling.

Research shows when one feels sufficiently prepared for a task or event, that experience tends to flow more smoothly and it ranks higher in the area of satisfaction.  Why should pregnancy and birth be left out of this significant and profound support?

Parents who seek out support to build a deep and lasting connection and deeply bond with their unborn child long before the actual delivery takes place and many times well after birth, is a parent who moves from fearful and anxious into fearlessness and confidence.

I work with a variety of coaching and support methods that  promote a practice of communication, teaching, and healing from soul to soul … born and unborn.



Who doesn’t like being invited?
It says, “I was thinking of you and I am requesting your presence.” and “I’ve made time for you and me to celebrate.”

I invite you to conceive, birth and parent your child by invitation.



Play brings about uninhibited joy.
Playing with baby, in utero, says, “I acknowledge you. I feel you. I am aware of your presence.”

I invite you to relax into your unique playtime with your baby.


It’s Time!

It’s Time gives acknowledgment to the next step.

“This way, Baby. We are waiting for you. And we are ready for your arrival. You are safe. It’s time!”

You are invited to partner with your baby, providing directed support, for her arrival.


Each conception, pregnancy and birth is as different as the soulful spirit about to be born, the woman who is pregnant and the family that is being created. By deeply connecting with your baby before holding her in your arms, it has been found that pregnancy and birth are most often experienced with more ease, are more peaceful and even enjoyable. Remaining with this connection and partnership as baby is born and grows and develops, both baby and parents are able to experience a more joyful child-parent relationship as well.

Regardless of how baby arrives in life, a sacred connection is possible.
(traditional pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, fostering, straight/gay parenting, etc.)
With beginnings that are less traditional, the baby and family can sometimes experience confusion and at times significant challenges to deeply connect with the “unknown” other. My services can help baby and parents to reduce anxiety and any trauma that can accompany all arrivals.

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