Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Create Connection.
Live Peacefully.

There are times in life when taking the next step takes your breath away.

We learn, live and love through experience. Sometimes those experiences are joyful, some are filled will sadness, and still others are challenging in both good and bad ways. Almost all experiences come bearing change which elicits fear for most.

Whether you’re finally ready to commit to your most authentic life by being in relationships that leave you feeling a sense of connection and belonging but don’t know where to start, or you need a bit of coaching to work through a changed relationship with yourself or others, I’m here to help you figure it all out.
If you feel stuck and struggling with finding a way out ….
If you know there’s something more to life but unsure exactly what that may be ….
If you want something different but do not know where to begin ….
If change scares you to death ….
If you simply need an objective ear that is trained to listen for the soul’s whispers ….
If you are ready to live your life with a fully engaged heart through intention and action, while shedding shame and fear to start moving forward with your life, without apology, I’d love to talk with you.
Through a variety of coaching options and the lens of spirituality, I help my clients walk through a process of self & spiritual definition to step fully into their life on purpose. I meet with clients over the phone, online or in my office.
As a certified master coach with training in relationships, life stories, goal setting, happiness, confidence and life purpose, I am passionate about working with clients at the intersection of connection, relationship, belonging and spiritual expression. I am here to support and walk beside you as you take your next right step.


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